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updated 12 October 2017

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Bill Weinman on the Online Training Library

What is is a constantly growing and evolving body of video tutorials designed to help you learn what you want, when you want it. An affordable subscription provides access to over 1,000 courses and 50,000 tutorials organized by subject, software, and instructor.

As of this writing I have over 30 titles in the library, with several more in development for 2017.

What will you gain by subscribing to

  • Learn innovative and productive technologies
  • Gain access to over 750 online courses, 24/7
  • Learn from experienced instructors
  • Gain confidence and marketability
  • Stay current and keep your skills sharp
  • Learn at your own pace: Stop, rewind, replay features a growing library of software and technology training courses for a number of disciplines: web development, programming, web design, 3D, video, photography, graphic design, and more. Whether you want to build your business, improve your job skills, or simply learn more for personal enrichment, a subscription is a great investment in yourself.

Monthly membership costs less than a dollar a day for access to all online courses, with no long-term commitment. Free samples are available for every course.

Subscribe today!

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